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"Sea of Tranquility" chosen as NASA's Challenger Learning Center's theme song for their welcoming video exemplifies the growing mediums The Astronaut is being showcased upon. A winner of the 2010 New York City's Songwriters Circle Contest, The Astronaut's "Summer Fling" beat out thousands of contestants in NYC's premier songwriting competition as one of the finalist to showcase at The Bitter End for his solo artist's debut appearance and receive publishing awards at the start of his career. The Astronaut has played notable NYC venues such as Webster Hall, Piano's, The Bitter End, The Stone Pony, and Crossroads to name a few. Kozma grew up playing in a band in high school with Jeremy Fraites of THE LUMINEERS. Both from a small town in New Jersey, Ramsey has harbored and prospered many talented musicians. The Astronaut consists solely of one musician at the helm. Michael Scott Kozma, who holds a B.S. degree in Music Industry & Technology for audio engineering and music, is a multi instrumentalist. Not only just a songwriter, Kozma's ability to play each instrument into a formula within his songs is something which sets him apart from most songwriters. Everything you hear is created by his hands and mind. Along with music, Michael also directs and shoots all his own music videos. The Astronaut will be constantly writing, recording, and plying his music to as many listeners as possible. Come along with him on this journey....